Under vårt årsmöte i januari vann Rasmus Basilier taltävlingen. Då han inte kunde åka själv för att representera kammaren i distriktets taltävling så åkte istället vår provmedlem Suvesh Kumar (andra plats i taltävlingen på årsmötet).

Distrikt A:s taltävling hölls den 11 mars under distriktets årsmöte i Vanda.

Här är Suvesh egna ord om taltävlingen:

”It was great experience to be part of such event in order to share your opinion and views about the given topic. To me initially it felt bit stressful and nervous but at the end it was fun. The topic given to us was ”Why smart people always successful – Some filler line”. I didn’t understand the filler line in topic but I was told it’s about business or so… So I considered it as argument type topic.
Overall it went well however I realized during my speech that I missed a few points which I noted down and didn’t connect well (Well I didn’t follow what I prepared), second mistake was use of filler words which is a bit common when you speak first time.

Here’s the summary feedback from the panel of judges at JCI Finland Region A speech competition:

Introduction to the speech worked well, as did the structure and content. Extra credits also for activating the audience. In the future, pay attention to your body language and to allowing some silent space in the speech. Time 2:54.

Keep up the good work!
On behalf of the judges,


I’d recommend everyone to try it out, it’s fun and interesting. One tip, opening and closing should be strong.”


Suvesh taltävling i Vanda 11.03.17

Suvesh Kumar

Text: Annica Brink & Suvesh Kumar







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